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Is Bamboo Hardwood and What are the Costs?

Across the country, homeowners are increasingly turning to bamboo flooring to give their home a fresh, exciting look. However, even if a homeowner is set on installing bamboo, there is one question almost all of them have: Is Bamboo hardwood. While it has all of the characteristics of hardwood, with much bigger benefits, bamboo is actually a grass, which some homeowners may find surprising.

Even though bamboo isn’t categorized as a hardwood, is still one of the best options for homeowners who want a great look that will last for years to come. Here are a few reasons that you should consider bamboo flooring for your home, including great durability and a very affordable cost.


If you’re trying to choose between bamboo flooring and hardwood flooring for your home, it can be helpful to look at each wood type in terms of versatility to help you make your decision.

If you’re interested in choosing from a number of different styles and stain types, hardwood flooring is usually a better choice, as most bamboo flooring has a slightly uniform look after going through processing. On the other hand, bamboo has one of the most unique natural appearances that you’ll find in a flooring option, making it a great choice for an interesting style.


After learning that bamboo is a grass instead of a hardwood, many homeowners may be concerned that it doesn’t have the durability that they need. In fact, the opposite is true. Bamboo, particularly strand woven bamboo, is an extremely durable flooring type and will offer you all the performance that you need while lasting many years to come.

However, bamboo is actually a fairly broad category, and there are certain bamboo flooring types you should avoid if durability is a concern. For example, bamboo is naturally light in color, and any dark bamboo has been altered to change the color, which often results in a softening of the material. All that being said, bamboo is still one of the best flooring options that you could choose for your home.

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When choosing a flooring option, the top concern of many homeowners is how much it might cost to install their flooring. In terms of cost, bamboo flooring is one of the best options that there is, easily providing a more affordable option than traditional hardwood flooring.

For instance, to install new hardwood flooring in a room of 120 square feet you can expect to pay a range of $138.00 to $1,253.00 just for your materials. With bamboo flooring, the price range is usually more beneficial to the homeowner, with the material cost for 129 square feet costing between $245.76 and $323.62.

Additionally, the overall total costs for a bamboo installation is much lower than what you’d find by installing hardwood. Single room bamboo flooring installation can cost between $744.81 and $1,103.51 and a hardwood flooring for the same room size can cost between $429.73 and $2,107.32. So, while the lower end prices for hardwood are a little cheaper, the price range for bamboo provides more value to homeowners like you.

Choose Bamboo Flooring for Your Home

Although bamboo is not a hardwood like many homeowners imagine, it is still one of the best flooring types in existence, providing a great appearance, an affordable price and durability that will suit most homeowners. Install bamboo flooring in your home and you’ll be getting a flooring type that will give you a great deal of pleasure for months, years and decades to come.


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