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Paint Colors to Help Sell Your NY Home

When the time comes to sell your home, you need to have everything just perfect. The real estate market is tough these days, and first impressions count for a lot. That means curb appeal and interior staging have to be on the nose. Too many people fail to account for paint colors when staging a home. Learn the best paint colors to help sell a home in NY and why a professional ServiceWhale painter can help you get it just right.

Paint Colors to Sell a Home

When you’re gearing up to put your New York house on the market, choosing the right paint colors to sell a home is vital. It’s also important to be able to live with the colors you choose while the house is up for sale. Neutral colors are important, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a house full of sterile white. A ServiceWhale professional can advise you on the shades that are best for you.

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Exterior colors

White is a safe and popular color for exterior paint. In fact, a recent survey indicated that 40% of people prefer a white exterior. It makes your house look bigger, looks clean and brightens your yard.

There are also, ironic as it may seem, many shades of white. Beige is another attractive and common choice for exterior paint. Just behind white, New York homes that are colored beige, tan or brown sell fastest. These conservative colors are handsome and blend in well with a natural environment. They also help to enhance the greens of your lawn and shrubbery.

You may, however, want to go with something bolder and brighter if you have a larger Victorian home, as you’ll want to accent the home’s size. Just avoid gaudy colors like yellow, lime green or indigo!

Going Earthy

When you tackle the inside of your home, stick with earth tones for maximum impact. White and beige are still great as they present a sort of blank canvas upon which potential buyers can imagine their ideal aesthetic. However, light blue, green, brown, tan and other natural colors form an inviting and warm palette that makes people feel right at home.

These colors sooth and relax, and can make buyers feel like they’re already in their dream home. They can also do a great job of enhancing and complementing woodwork or stone, metal and glass fixtures. Dark browns and greens are great to enhance and warm smaller rooms.

Keep it Neutral

The key is keeping things neutral. You want colors that aren’t going to be brash, loud or gaudy. Go with a muted palate of natural colors that will make anyone who walks through the door feel right at home. If you would like advice on how best to paint your NY home for sale, why not give ServiceWhale a call? Check out our easy process, and get in touch today.


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