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Prepping Your Gutters for Winter with a Gutter Guard System

Preparing your home for the winter is an involved, important job, requiring that you give almost every area of your home the proper attention. One such task that sometimes falls by the wayside is getting your gutters ready for the increased ice and snow of the winter season.

By their nature, gutters are extremely vulnerable to harsh weather, making of the utmost importance that you get them ready for the year’s toughest months. Although there are a lot of ways to prep your gutters for the winter, one of the most useful is installing a gutter guard system. Here are a few tips for preparing your gutters for winter, including installing a gutter guard system so you won’t be faced with a gutter repair emergency.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Clean

Before you can install your gutter guard system, you need to make sure your gutters are ready to hold up to the project. Nothing’s worse than getting underway only to find you have to halt your project, so it’s important that you do prep work before getting started.

First, you need to clean your gutters of any and all debris that has accumulated during the fall. Next, you’ll need to do any necessary repair work that you have been putting off. If there are cracks in your gutters, or they’re looser than they should be, you’ll need to fix these problems before installing your gutter guard system.

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Clear the Area of Risks

The biggest hazard to your roof during the winter is falling branches punching a hole in your roof and possibly clogging or detaching your gutters. Prior to installing your gutter guard system, it’s important that you remove physical risks to your gutters by removing overhanging tree branches from around your house.

Examine the area around your home and determine which trees are likely to have falling branches when subjected to winter weather. Once you’ve determined the biggest threats, you can remove these branches and ensure the long-term health of your gutter system.

Add Your Gutter Guard

After completely preparing your gutters for the installation project, you’re finally ready to put in your gutter guard system. Fortunately, a gutter guard installation is straightforward, taking very little time and being extremely easy. Whether you choose a roofing professional or try to handle the project yourself, a gutter guard will give you the protection you need.

The biggest benefit of using a gutter guard is that it prevents leaf and debris build-up in your gutters. However, it is also particularly adept at preventing ice accumulation that leads to blockages. By allowing only a small amount of moisture into your gutters, your guard will help you avoid damaging snow and ice blockages throughout the winter season.

Get Peace of Mind by Installing a Gutter Guard System

When you’re getting your home ready for the added stresses of the winter months, something you should heavily consider is adding a guard on your gutter system. Gutter guards will preserve your guards throughout the winter months and make sure they work properly well into the future.

Schedule a gutter guard system installation today and get the peace of mind that you need and deserve.


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