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Repairing Plaster and Drywall Cracks in Your Home

Plaster and drywall cracks are a fact of life for homeowners. Every home settles as it sits, and settlement cracks can spider-web across your walls, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Everyone’s experienced it, and it can be all too easy to blow it off and let it go. That’s a bad idea. Before you know it, you’ve got loose plaster and crumbling drywall that’s really expensive to fix. Learn how to get on top of plaster and drywall repair, and when to call upon a professional home improvement specialist through ServiceWhale.

Plaster and Drywall Repair

Plaster and drywall repair are things that everyone has to deal with. It’s inevitable. There can be many reasons why it happens. Perhaps your home has just settled. Perhaps you have foundation issues that are making your home unstable. It’s possible the drywall has come loose from its frame. The first step in fixing the issue is to diagnose it, and this can require a professional ServiceWhale contractor. Otherwise, the repairs you make could be very temporary or just covering up a more serious problem.


Understanding Plaster and Drywall

Plaster and drywall have several layers to understand. The first is the lath or framework to which the hard plaster is affixed. You drill into center of the lath to keep it solid and from cracking. However, lath tends to be very thin; over the years it can become fragile and brittle, and even crack just from the strain of the plaster that oozes between the joints and swells. When this happens, it requires a specialist to fix.

Drywall isn’t much different, though it’s usually nailed to a frame rather than attached to a lath. Moisture that gets into your walls from leaky pipes, weather conditions or even condensation can weaken the wood and cause dry rot and cracking.

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Finding a Contractor

Some cracks, such as settlement cracks, can be filled with the right process of caulking, spackling and re-painting. However, if you aren’t sure about the underlying causes, you might find the cracks just re-appear and get worse. The longer you let it go, the more expensive the fix can get. In addition, you don’t want plaster dust polluting the air in your home.

It’s always best to call upon a professional home improvement specialist to diagnose and help repair problems with plaster and drywall. ServiceWhale is a one-stop shop for finding all the best local licensed and bonded contractors in a process that’s literally as easy as buying a new pair of shoes. You can, in a few minutes, get offers from all the best local contractors while saving money and getting the best, eco-friendliest options for taking care of your home repair problems.


Contact ServiceWhale about Plaster and Drywall Repair

If you’re experiencing drywall or plaster repair problems, or need any sort of home remodeling work done, why not check out some great local specials and get in touch to give ServiceWhale’s process a try today?


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