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The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

Did you know that just about anyone can put out their name as a home repair professional? Certainly there are some laws in place to regulate the work contractors have to do, but there’s also a lot of people out there who will try to fix your sink without being a licensed plumber. There are tons of reasons why this is bad idea. If you want the best work possible in your NYC home, understand the importance of hiring a licensed plumber.

Hiring a Licensed Plumber

The basics are simple: hiring a licensed plumber in NYC, like those available through ServiceWhale, will make sure that the job is done right. Plumbing that isn’t installed right can result in property damage, health dangers to your family and even fines for code violations from the city and state. Never go with a bargain-basement service.

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Each contractor on ServiceWhale is licensed and pre-screened so you can rest assured that you're always getting a great deal from a great contractor.

Licensed Plumbers

Licensed plumbers go through a long and rigorous process of education and training to become experts in what they do. The process starts with an apprenticeship that lasts for several years, followed by journeyman status, which enables the plumber to work independently. The best plumbers in the business are certified master plumbers, who have many years of experience, certification and licensure to back up their work.

To obtain a license for contracting usually includes passing a criminal background check, testing and certification completion by state licensing and oversight boards, and carrying of commercial liability and contractor’s insurance. In short, there’s a lot of security you get from hiring a professional NYC plumber like those through ServiceWhale.

Unlicensed Plumbers

When you go with someone who isn’t licensed in New York, you run a lot of risks. Consider that if they’re offering prices at a quarter of those posted by licensed professionals, you’re probably getting a quarter of the work, too. They may take shortcuts that violate building codes and break the law. They might put your health at risk with unsanitary practices or finishing. They could behave in any number of fraudulent and unethical ways.

Insurance and Bonding

A licensed professional NYC plumber will always be bonded and insured. These two important security measures mean that if anything goes wrong during the job, both you and the plumber are financially protected from disaster.

If the plumber makes a mistake that results in damage to the property, their liability insurance will help to pay for the damage. Bonding then picks up where the insurance stops. When the work needs to be repaired, when you need compensation for damaged or stolen property or have other damages, bonding covers those issues.

In the end, there is absolutely no reason to go with an unlicensed contractor for your NYC home repair and improvement work. That includes plumbing problems. If you need a solid plumber for your renovation or repair work, get in touch with ServiceWhale and take advantage of our easy purchase process today.


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