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The Most Common Plumbing Issues in NYC

Homeowners dread plumbing problems. A sudden burst pipe or leak can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home and even create structural problems that can eat away the foundation in the worst scenarios. Nobody wants to face these issues, but it’s vital to be aware of the potential so that you know what to watch out for, in case the worst happens. Here’s a list of the most common plumbing issues in NYC and how you can address them with the help of a Service Whale plumber.

Common Plumbing Issues

Common plumbing issues, fortunately, tend to be more of the frustrating variety than the emergency one. However, if they’re not addressed promptly, almost every one can get worse until they erupt into a nasty situation that can really break the bank to fix. If you know how to address these issues, however, you can keep your home in good shape. Sometimes the help of a qualified New York ServiceWhale plumber can be invaluable.

Hot Water Problems

Losing hot water is a frustrating problem that all too many people face. If you find that you’re not getting warmth from the pipes, check your water heater to make sure that the pilot light is lit, the temperature setting is high enough, that the heater is the right size or that there aren’t signs of it going bad, like moisture around the base or loud noises. When all else fails, call ServiceWhale to get a plumber out.

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Clogged or Slow Drains

Another highly common issue is the slow or clogged drain. NYC drains get clogged up with gunk, hair and other materials just from using them. It doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. Sometimes an over-the-counter drain opener can help. For new or mild clogs, even regular old bleach can help. For more severe clogs, you’ll need a plumber to snake the drain.

Toilet Won’t Stop Running

A common issue is when the guts of the toilet start to go; if your toilet won’t stop running, there can be a number of reasons. It can be a bad seal, a broken chain or even a bad lever. The guts of your NYC toilet can often be fixed with a kit from the local hardware store and a ten-minute job, but if you’re not confident, you can always call ServiceWhale for a plumber.

These are just a few of the most common plumbing issues people face. Fortunately, most of them are fairly easy to fix. Letting them go, however, can cause all kinds of problems which range from high water usage (and consequent high bills) to backed up drains, pressure in your system and even burst pipes and water damage. Don’t mess around with plumbing issues. If you need help, give ServiceWhale a call and take advantage of our easy purchase process today.


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