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This Fall: Readying Your Home for Winter

Though it is only the beginning of fall, those who live in more northern regions, such as Pennsylvania, are probably already thinking about preparing their homes for the impending, frigid weather. Readying your home for winter ahead of time puts you at an advantage, as you can prevent the need for extensive home repairs in the event of harsh weather. With ServiceWhale, we can help you make these preparations in an efficient and convenient manner.

Check Your Roof

Summer and fall can put your roof through a lot: rain storms, strong winds and the endless falling leaves. Before winter sets in, it would be best to have your roof inspected for any damage. You wouldn’t want your roof to be compromised in the dead of winter, because not only will snow get in, but your heat will get out.

ServiceWhale contractors can inspect your roof and access any damage in a necessary fashion. This will protect your family and home from the relentless winter weather, and possibly save you on energy costs.

Clean Your Gutters

Especially for those who have deciduous trees in their yards, or looming over their homes, it is a good idea to have your gutters inspected and cleaned. Those pesky leaves can quickly and easily clog up your gutter system, which would give your home drainage issues.

If your home has a drainage issue, it could be more prone to building up an ice dam when the weather cools down. When these blocks of ice get big enough, they can cause a colossal mess, ruining your roofing, breaking your gutters and damaging your landscape. Save yourself this headache, when readying your home for winter, and have your gutters checked during your roof inspection.

Inspect Your HVAC Systems

Having a reliable heat source in the winter is of the utmost importance. Imagine your heater breaking on the coldest day of the year — it wouldn’t be fun. To protect your family from having to bundle up inside the house, have your ServiceWhale HVAC contractor come out to run a full inspection on your heating system.

However, your heating system is not the only piece of HVAC equipment you should be concerned with. If you have window AC units, remove or insulate them before the winter so that they are not damaged by the weather.

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Secure Your Plumbing

When readying your home for winter, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your plumbing is squared away. For instance, if you have exterior faucets, shut them off before the first freeze blows through. For ultimate protection, you can also remove and put away any hoses you may have.

You should also visit your basement and attic, to make sure that there is no apparent moisture or mold hiding in the nooks and crannies of your home. These two things could be signs that your house has a draining or plumbing issue, which should be addressed by your ServiceWhale professional before everything freezes over.

Are you in the process this fall of readying your home for winter? If so, please visit our website to find a contractor who can help you today.


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