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Ways to Banish Scuffs, Fingerprints and Stains from Your Wall Paint

Nothing is more satisfying in your home than having freshly painted, pristine walls. There is something almost magical when your wall has that untouched look. Unfortunately, walls don’t stay that way forever. Through the course of everyday life, your walls will accumulate wear and tear in the form of fingerprints, stains and even scuff marks—particularly if you have children, the number one enemy to a wall’s cleanliness. However, it is actually very easy to remove unsightly marks from your walls so that they will always glow like new. Read on to find out how to banish scuffs, fingerprints and stains from the wall paint in your New York home.

Fingerprints and Smudges

The most common blemish that the wall paint in your New York is likely to suffer comes in the form of fingerprints. While these can take some time to build up, fingerprints on a wall can become an unsightly mess if allowed to accumulate. Luckily, they are some of the easiest blemishes to clean. For fingerprints—and some very small smudges—all you need is a warm water, a soft sponge or cloth, and some cleaning solution.

Put about a gallon of warm water into a bucket and then add a light amount of cleaning solution—make sure the cleaning solution is non-abrasive, or you might do more harm to your wall than good. Dip your sponge or cloth into the water, and then lightly scrub away the fingerprints or smudges. Once the marks are gone to your satisfaction, dry the areas of the wall you have washed to prevent water damage.

Scuffs and Scrapes

Sometimes your wall paint can suffer minor scuffs and scrapes, causing you to worry that you may have to paint over them. But as with fingerprints, minor scuffs can actually be dealt with pretty easily using products you are likely to already possess in your home. All you have to do is make a paste out of equal parts baking soda and water, brush the paste into the scuff mark and then softly wipe the paste off of your wall. In nine out of ten cases, the scuff mark will be gone, and your wall will be like new. Should the mark still remain, whether in full or only partially, using a magic eraser pad will usually take care of it.

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Finally, we come to the biggest fear homeowners have when it comes to the condition of their wall paint: stains. Whether they’re heavy duty or light, stains can be a nightmare to clean and really alter the look of your wall paint. However, with a little elbow grease, determination and the right supplies, you can remove stains and make your wall paint look like it’s brand new.

First, you need to mix up a solution of the following ingredients: a gallon of warm water, a cup of washing soda, a cup of white vinegar and a cup of ammonia without suds. After your solution is completed, clean the stains on your wall from the top to the bottom, always being careful to not use too much of the solution lest it further damage your paint. Once the stains are gone, get a second bucket of only warm water, and use it to rinse the solution from your wall. Lastly, dry any damp areas.

Time to Paint

It is very easy for your wall paint to suffer minor—and even major—stains, scuffs and fingerprints, especially in New York. Fortunately, most of these blemishes can be handled very easily, but when the simple solutions don’t work, then let ServiceWhale help you get your wall paint back in tip-top shape. By using our helpful and easy request wizard, you will be put in touch with the best interior painters that New York has to offer. ServiceWhale is committed to providing you with the wall painting services and prices that you deserve.


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