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Ways to Estimate Interior Painting Costs in Pennsylvania

Whether you’re moving out or have just moved in, you might be wondering how much it would cost to paint the interior of your Pennsylvania home. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a house, making each room look and feel like-new. There are several factors that can determine your interior painting costs, which are important to keep in mind when trying to estimate your total.

 Interior Painting Costs by Room

More often than not, you will find contractors that estimate your interior painting costs based off of the size of the rooms you want to have painted. They do this because it helps them determine how much paint they will need for the job, which can help them calculate how much they should be compensated for materials and labor. When you use ServiceWhale to find your painting contractor, you will be able to compare free quotes based on the information you provide us, such as the measurements of each room.

Though these costs will vary from contractor to contractor, it has been estimated that painting an average sized room of 10-feet by 12-feet can cost anywhere from $380 to $790. This range is so wide because there are several aspects which can affect the total amount you could spend on this project. On ServiceWhale, you can make note of these factors in order to get the most accurate quotes possible.

Factors that Affect Your Total Cost

Everything from the kind of paint you use to which parts of the room you need to have painted can affect the total of your interior painting costs. For instance, consider if you want to have the room painted a new color, or if you simply want the existing color re-touched. Also, drywall spackling may need to be required if there is damage to your wall that needs to be addressed.

The number of paint colors you use can affect how much a painter charges, as well as any heavy furniture that will need to be moved in order to paint. Additionally, if you want to have your ceilings, baseboards, molding, door or window frames painted, you will need to take those costs into consideration too. Lastly, remember that primer and paint have to be purchased for the room, different brands of which can change the total, too.

Benefits of Hiring a Contractor

While it may seem like painting the interior of your home would be cheaper DIY (do it yourself), there are several benefits that come with hiring a professional contractor. A trustworthy contractor will give you an honest estimate on how much the project will cost, which can save you money in the long run. The interior of your home will look fantastic and will last you longer than if you tried to do the painting yourself.

As mentioned earlier, when you use ServiceWhale to find your contractor, it will save you inordinate amounts of time and cash. You don’t have to fret over contractors coming out to your house to give you estimates. Visit us at ServiceWhale today to learn more about finding local painting contractors in the Philadelphia area.


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