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What You Need to Consider Before Installing a Waterfall Shower

Waterfall showerheads are growing in popularity these days. They offer a very clean, natural aesthetic for those looking to create a great energy in their bathroom renovations. As the “outdoor feel” becomes more popular in new bathroom designs, features like this, which mimic rainfall and waterfall experiences, are very calming and aesthetically pleasing.

There are a number of things you should consider, however, before you go ahead and install this kind of shower, including the types of shower floor tiles that are the best to use. Learn what you need to consider before installing a waterfall shower, and how you can save time and money on your installation by using the resources at ServiceWhale.


Waterfall shower heads aren’t mounted the same way as standard ones. Rather than shooting a stream of water out at an angle, they are mounted overhead to provide a top-down drenching effect. Not surprisingly, this is like standing under a waterfall or natural downpour. Since many of these are actually ceiling-mounted, you need to consider whether your plumbing will take the shower head or what kinds of modifications need to be made to make it happen.

If ceiling mounting is not practical for your bathroom design, there are wall-mounted styles that can be placed, which will allow you to replace your conventional showerhead with a waterfall design. Your bathroom renovation contractor will be able to advise you as to the best option for you.

Spray Pattern

The spray pattern is another thing to seriously consider before you purchase your waterfall shower. Some less expensive options advertise themselves as waterfall designs, but don’t have a full drenching spray. If the showerhead you’re considering only has holes around the perimeter, it’s not likely to provide the effect you want. Make sure that there are holes all around the diameter as well as in the middle to get a full spread.

Adjustable Settings

Many people like different things from their shower experience. If you’ve got multiple people living in your home or will have guests over regularly, consider a showerhead with adjustable settings, allowing a range of water flow from a fine mist to a massaging spray so that everyone can experience their ideal.

Shower Floor Tiles

You’re wondering what shower floor tiles have to do with a showerhead. The truth is, the tiling you choose in your bathroom is vital to the overall design. Obviously the tiles you choose will be good for functioning inside a shower, but what about your design scheme, aesthetic and style?

If you want a truly natural feel you might go with natural stone, from granite to marble. If you’re looking for something clean and modern, porcelain might be a good option. Talk with your local contractor about which tiles would best suit your preferred design aesthetic.

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