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Winter Care For Laminate Flooring: Cost of a Mistake

Winter is one of the toughest times of the year, especially if you’re a homeowner. The cold, harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on almost any area of a home, but can be particularly damaging to flooring. Even supremely durable types of flooring, like laminate, can suffer an increased risk of damage because of winter stresses, meaning you need to prepare your flooring for the cold weather.

Getting your laminate flooring ready for the difficulties of the winter season will help to stave off damage and prevent expensive repair bills. Here are a few laminate flooring maintenance tips that can help protect your floors throughout the winter so you have total peace of mind.

Prevent Moisture Build-Up

Although laminate floors are extremely moisture resistant, it’s still possible for them to suffer water damage if they are constantly exposed, which is one of the biggest risks of the winter season. As we go in and out of our homes, it’s very easy to track in ice and snow, putting your laminate flooring at risk.

The most important part of winter laminate flooring maintenance is to prevent moisture accumulation as much as possible. First, you should put down rugs or mats over the most vulnerable areas of your laminate flooring. Secondly, it’s a good idea to take off your shoes before entering your home to eliminate the risk of moisture. Finally, when you do experience moisture on your laminate floors, clean it up as soon as you can to avoid long-term damage.

In case the laminate is damaged, the cost of repairs for 120 square foot range from $361.73 to $1,036.32 ($3.01 to $8.64 per sq.ft).

Guard Against Winter Debris

In addition to the aforementioned risk of ice and snow entering your home and damaging your flooring, there is also the possibility to track in abrasive winter degree. Whether it’s rock salt, grit from the ground or any other kind of winter detritus, your laminate flooring can suffer serious damage if you’re not careful.

To preserve the appearance and functionality of your laminate flooring throughout the winter season, you should make sure to fully clean your floors at least once a week. Regular cleaning can help prevent the buildup of harmful winter debris and will serve to protect your flooring from extensive damage.

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Avoid Wild Temperature Swings

Temperature swings can be disastrous for almost any flooring type, including laminate flooring. As the temperature rapidly changes from cold to hot and back again, your laminate flooring expands and contracts, resulting in curling, peeling and other forms of damage. Making sure that your laminate flooring makes it through the winter is easier when you avoid these sorts of large temperature changes.

Resist the temptation to constantly adjust your thermostat. Instead, try to maintain a consistent interior temperature. Additionally, you should try to enter and exit your home as quickly as possible, as this will limit your flooring’s exposure to super cold air.


Why Protecting Your Laminate Floor Matters

The main reason that protecting your laminate flooring is important in the winter months is a matter of cost. While affordable, the cost of laminate flooring can still add up depending on the size of your job.

For instance, if one 120 square foot room in your home, let’s say the kitchen, suffers damage, you can pay between $91.00 and $179.00 for just the materials, with installing laminate throughout the room costing a range of $361.73 and $1,036.32. As you can see, the larger your repair job, the higher your costs, which makes prevention a better idea than maintenance.

Protect Your Home with Laminate Flooring Maintenance

Winter is the time of year when homeowners must be vigilant about defending their houses from the elements, especially in regards to the flooring. The right laminate flooring maintenance tips can ensure that your flooring makes it through the coldest time of the year unscathed, saving you a great deal of stress and money on unexpected, expensive repair costs.


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