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Air Conditioner Buying Guide: Choosing a Brand

As many as 86% of US homes are serviced by an air conditioning unit, and with ever advancing HVAC technology, the market is awash with options. Many of the field’s top models feature technological amenities such as smartphone compatibility, noise reducing fan blades and even solar power options.

However, at its core, an air conditioning unit is primarily responsible for the comfort level in your home. Here is a look at three of the top air conditioning units on the market and what they have to offer in terms of design, features and efficiency.



Although best known as a refrigerator maker, Frigidaire has also been in the air conditioning business since the mid-20th century, offering homeowners like you high quality air conditioning units.

Frigidaire’s iQ Drive line of AC units features one of the higher SEER rankings offered (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), meaning that you will get optimum efficiency from your Frigidaire AC unit in the summer months.

This line also features humidity control, which dehumidifies the air and can therefore curb mold growth in more humid climates; variable speed fans, which offer more than just the stop and go options of AC units of the past; and weather resistant paint, which helps stop weather-based corrosion and adds longer life to your unit.

Additionally, the Frigidaire iQ line features noise-reducing fan blades, which gives it one of the quieter performances around, averaging 57 decibels. Clearly, Frigidaire is working hard to make their brand known outside of the refrigerator market.



A little over 100 years ago, Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner. Since then, the company that bears his name has been a leader in the air conditioning business. Carrier offers two of the most highly rated lines, the Infinity Series and the Performance Series.

The Infinity Series offers more of the conveniences that other top models do, including variable speed fans, compressor insulation and humidity control. It is also one of the smaller models on the market, making it easier to landscape around.

One of the “cooler” features of this particular unit is that, when configured to the right thermostat, it can be controlled with your smartphone. These types of technological innovations were certainly unimaginable to Willis Carrier but are just the kinds of things that keep Carrier at the top of their field.

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Dave Lennox Collection

Dave Lennox founded his company in 1895 and, while they have had their hands in a number of global mechanical markets over the past 121 years, they now focus primarily on heating and cooling. In 2016, they offer one of the finest AC units on the market with their Dave Lennox Collection.

This line offers the EPA’s highest standards of power conservation requirement and, as such, earned the Energy Star Award. It has the highest SEER rating on the market and offers nearly all the technological amenities of other lines. In addition to its already incredible efficiency, it has solar panel power capability. No other model has yet integrated this technology.

Choosing a model from the Dave Lennox Collection could drastically reduce your power bill, compared to even the most efficient models on the market.


Choose from the Best Air Conditioning Units for Your Home

After learning more about the best that the air conditioning market has to offer, you’re probably ready to choose a new model for your home. Installing one of the best air conditioning units in your home means saving big on energy bills and keeping your home as comfortable as you deserve.


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