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Determining the Cost of Your Emergency Roofing Repair

One of the most stressful situations that you can find yourself in as a homeowner is needing extensive roof repairs. When your roof suffers serious damage, it can hugely expensive and threaten the interior of your home if not handled in a timely manner. Because repairing, and possibly replacing your roof can be such an expensive undertaking, it’s important that you examine the costs as closely as possible to avoid paying more than you should. 

 As you would imagine, the cost of roof repairs can vary depending on the extent and severity of the damage. For example,  damaged shingles will usually be a great deal cheaper than damage that extend throughout your entire roof. Before you make any decisions on repairing your roof, you should explore all of your options. Here are a few factors that can determine the cost of an emergency roofing repair, including the type and extent of the damage inflicted.

Hail Damage

Depending on the area of the country you live in, the type environmental stresses your roof will experience can be wide ranging. Hail, for example, can cause serious widespread damage if you haven’t invested in a highly durable roofing material. After a hail storm occurs, you should examine your roof for any damages that may have occurred. While most hail damage is minor, it is possible for intense storms with larger hail stones to punch holes in your roof and threaten your home’s integrity.


If there is a hurricane or storm that had recently blown through town, it won’t be uncommon to see runaway shingles on your neighbor’s property. While shingle repair is very common, it’s extremely important to regularly check your roof for missing or damaged shingles. Even a small amount of damage to your shingles can result in big problems such as water leaks.

Shingles provide a protective layer to your roof and if shingles are missing, or damaged, you need to have them replaced immediately before more extensive damage is done. Maintaining your shingles and replacing those that are damaged or missing will help you to avoid much larger repairs down the line.

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Lastly, if you have trees surrounding your roof, one of your biggest threats for damage will be falling limbs. Even small tree limbs can cause serious damage to your roof if they fall with enough force, and the situation can turn dire if a big storm comes along and knocks multiple limbs onto your house. When tree branches, or even the tree itself, fall onto your house, it can cause such extensive damage that you might be looking at a repair instead of a replacement. Making sure that tree limbs don’t hang over your roof can help stave off expensive damage that you may find hard to repair.


Often times, the roof of your home goes unnoticed until a problem crops up, such as the necessity for emergency repair. Following a storm or other natural event, your roof may have suffered extreme damage that needs an expert touch. Emergency roof repair, when done correctly, can help to preserve the overall health of your home and may even prevent the need for a total roof replacement.


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