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The Pros and Cons of Patching vs. Replacing Your Roof

You’ve decided to get proactive about your roof maintenance, but you have also discovered something every homeowner dreads: damage to your Pennsylvania home’s roof. You’re not sure if you want to tackle a complete replacement. Is it better to patch it, or will that cost you more in the long run? Read about the pros and cons of patching vs. replacement when it comes to Pennsylvania roof repair, and why a ServiceWhale contractor can help.

Pennsylvania Roof Repair vs. Replacement

The good news is that there are some situations where patching your roof is certainly a better option than replacing it entirely. If the problem is of the quick fix variety—a single loose shingle or loose flashing, for example—you might be able to nail it back down, secure it once again and be good to go. Just because you’ve noticed a minor leak doesn’t mean the whole roof needs to be torn up. Sometimes a basic Pennsylvania roof repair is all that’s needed.

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How Old Is Your Roof?

If your roof isn’t near the end of its life expectancy (remember, that’s about 20 years for a normal asphalt shingle roof), it may just need patching or repair work. Replacing the whole roof might be an expense that you don’t need to take on just yet. If you’re not sure, a ServiceWhale roofer can help you decide.

How Bad Is the Leak?

If you’ve noticed a leak, how bad is it? The worse it is, the more likely you need more extensive roofing repairs. Remember that there are ups and downs to patching vs. replacing your Pennsylvania roof. Patching is going to be much cheaper in the short term, but if there’s extensive damage, you might end up spending a little bit of money a bunch of times, costing you more in the long run than if you’d just put on a new roof to begin with.

Can You Spend and Save?

Replacing your roof is a major expense; there’s no doubt about that. If you have the means to do so, you might be able to patch it up while saving for the major replacement work. It never hurts to have a professional roofer like those from ServiceWhale Pennsylvania come out, take a look and give you an estimate on replacement vs. repair jobs.

Shingles vs. Structure

Shingles are generally fairly easy to replace—you remove the old one, line up the new one and secure it down. Your roofer can guide you through what’s needed, but it’s not as tough as it might seem. If, however, the underlying structure of your roof is damaged, replacing the shingles is only a Band-Aid at best.

In the end, the best way to determine the better option, whether to repair or to replace your Pennsylvania roof, is through talking with a professional roofer. If you need a great roofer fast, check out ServiceWhale’s easy process to find a local contractor and get in touch for more information today.


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