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What are the Different Methods for Installing Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl Flooring Installation Methods - 2018 Cost Guide - Cost guide vinyl flooring

Vinyl Flooring Installation Methods

Once you’ve decided what style and design of vinyl flooring that will install in your home, your next step will be to consider the installation methods. The great thing about vinyl flooring is that you can choose to install it using a variety of method, allowing you to choose the one that is most suitable for your particular home. Vinyl installation cost range from $0.99 to $3, depending on factors of the specific job. The most common types of vinyl flooring installation methods include:

  • Full Spread: In full spread installation, whatever adhesive you are using will be spread completely over the substrate of your floor, after which you will lay down your vinyl flooring. Installation price is about $1 per square feet.
  • Perimeter Adhered: With perimeter adhered installation, adhesive is only applied to the edges of your vinyl and the seams in the room you are installing in. Installation price is about $0.5 per square feet.
  • Floating: When you choose the floating installation method, no adhesives are used.
    • Install Over Existing Floors: The biggest reason to choose the floating installation method is that you can install over existing floors without having to remove the flooring already in place. This installation method is more affordable in terms of installation, $0.5 per square feet, and the preparation for installation is $1.5 per square foot. Therefore final cost is about $2 per square foot.
  • Installation Methods for Vinyl Planks Flooring
    • Peel & Stick: Most forms of vinyl plank flooring include adhesive already on the plank. All that has to be done is to peel back the covering layer and then secure the plank to the floor. Installation price is about $1.50 per square feet. Preparation works are needed (over concrete, over plywood, etc.). Preparation costs including materials range from $0.5 to $1.5 depending on your existing floor.
    • Glue Down: In the glue down method, an adhesive is applied to the back of a piece of vinyl plank, which is then adhered to the floor. Installation costs are $1 to $2. Preparation costs including materials range from $0.5 to $1.5 depending on your existing floor.
    • Interlocking/Floating: Many vinyl planks come with an interlocking system for installation. You simply lay the planks side by side, and then snap them together, making for a very quick and straightforward installation. In this case the floor on which you install the vinyls must be perfectly prepared and leveled. If that's the case installation cost will be $1 to $1.50 per square feet. And, preparation costs including materials range from $0.5 to $1.5 depending on your existing floor.
    • Loose Lay: With loose lay installation, no adhesive or locking mechanism is used. Instead, friction caused by the backing of the vinyl planks is used to keep your flooring in place. Installation is similar to floating floors installation and preparation: $1 to $1.5 for installation and $0.5 to $1.5 for preparation.


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