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What Type of AC Unit Will Save You the Most Money?

Technology is a wonderful thing and it has come a long way since the invention of the air conditioner. Today, there are innovations that save the consumer money hand over fist, including variable speed fans and solar-powered capabilities. There are even some that you can control from your smartphone!

These new technologies are designed to both save the customer money and reduce the carbon footprint significantly, by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide expelled into the atmosphere.

As amazing as these innovations seem, they are still part of a “standard” air conditioning market. But other options that implement more innovative features are starting to redefine the concept of the air conditioner as we know it.

Two of the more unique and innovative air conditioning units that are all but guaranteed to save you the most money are the Coolerado Cooler and the Ice Bear 20. Read on to learn about two air conditioning units that will be guaranteed to save you money and keep your home comfortable no matter the season.

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The Coolerado Cooler

The Coolerado Cooler uses a process called indirect evaporative cooling, which draws in air and uses plastic sheets and air filters to continually push cool air into your home. By constantly drawing in fresh air, the Coolerado never uses recycled air from inside your home, giving you have a constant supply of fresh air at all times.

One of the best features of the Coolerado is that it uses only four gallons of water per hour and does not use Freon at all! It has an Energy Efficiency Rating of 40, which is more than twice the EER of most “conventional” AC units. Here is the best part: The Coolerado uses one-tenth the power of a conventional AC unit.

Most AC units run on about 6,000 watts. The Coolerado Cooler can run on only 600 watts, or less. While it does have a pretty hefty price tag at a little over $7,000, it costs less than $400 a year to operate. You read that right: your cooling bill could be less than $400 a year.

Coolerado estimates that users who install their product will see their investment has paid for itself in full in about three years, giving you the big savings that you and your family deserve.


Ice Bear 20

The Ice Bear 20 is a residential system designed by Ice Energy. Using a process called Thermalenergy Storage, the Ice Bear 20 produces and stores ice during off-peak energy consumption hours (i.e. the middle of the night) when rates are at their lowest. Then, when energy rates are high, the system uses the ice to cool the air it blows into your home.

This smart technology has been proven to improve peak-hour efficiency up to 95%. It is also extremely versatile and can be adapted to any existing home system. Originally a technology used only in commercial AC units, it will soon become available for residential use.

Because the technology resides primarily in the ingenious design, the initial cost of the Ice Bear 20 is extremely reasonable, comparable to a conventional AC unit.

Efficient Air Conditioning Units Saves You Money

As we have seen, both the Ice Bear 20 and the Coolerado Cooler offer you the big savings and massive utility that you deserve out of a great air conditioner. Buying either of these air conditioning units will be guaranteed to lower your monthly energy bills and efficiently cool your home the way you need.


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